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Hello everyone!
I am writing to you to let you know that I created a new blog.
Why? Well, I really do not have a good reason except that I wanted to start over, completely over from scratch. I wanted to create a new brand for myself.
I will still have this blog up for reference, but I am determined to keep my new blog up and running the best I can.
You can follow me on abluenigerian.blogspot.com
I hope you all have not given up on me and will follow me on my new blog as well as my YT channel MsStrawberryBacon
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Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Scene On the Runway

'ELLO READERS! So it's time again for a new blog post! Today, it's all about Maybelline's Limited Edition (LE) Scene On the Runway for this fall =]
This collection is definitely the talk of all the beauty blogs and Youtube and I am excited to have gotten to purchase some of the products for myself! The only thing that I am sad about is that I STILL haven't seen the new Color Tattoos in ANY of the stores near me. Hopefully, they will be in eventually and I can do a blog post/video about them as well.
This post is just going to be pictures of the products. If you want swatches, you can watch the video I did which I will post below!

Cozy Cashmere
 So the first product is an Eyestudio Quad in Cozy Cashmere. It contains 2 shimmery colors and two matte colors. The two matte colors are AWESOME neutrals, one in a burnt orange and the last one is a medium-tone brown. The shimmery colors are a bright VERY shimmery, pale gold and a DEEP brown with gold particles. That medium-tone looking gold color is actually another brown in DISGUISE! Just so you know!  
Olive Martini
 Olive Martini is SO GORGEOUS! Definitely my favorite of my purchases! This quad contains a pale vanilla with shimmer, a light green with shimmer, a multi-dimension color with shimmer of brown, green, and gold =], and the last color is a deep shimmery sienna color!
LOVE LOVE LOVE! All the colors in the quads are VERY pigmented in Olive Martini AND Cozy Cashmere! I would definitely try and buy at least ONE of these amazing quads!
Touch of Light: Luminizing Face Glow
 Ok, next is the new Luminizing Face Glow which I am slowly but surely FALLING in love with! If you like glowly skin, you will LOVE this product! It gives a WONDERFUL golden glow to the skin! And it DOES not take a lot of product for it to show up on the skin! I love that because as a WOC some products just REFUSE to show up on us =[ but NOT this product!

Left to Right: Strike A Rose, Brown to Earth, In Style Sienna
Ok, lastly, are the three lipsticks I purchased! I got Strike a Rose, Brown to Earth, and In Style Sienna. Ok, first thing is that ALL of these colors are FROSTY shimmery finishes! If you HATE the FROST do NOT get these! For me, I normally do not like frosty, but if the COLOR sells me, then I will wear it =]
Strike A Rose is a light, but not BRIGHT frosty rose color. Brown to Earth is a frosty NUDE brown. It is a PERFECT nude for me if you IGNORE the frost, and In Style Sienna is a DEEP sienna brown with GREEN  shimmery in it O.o. Yes, I was GREEN shimmer which I think is SO awesome. It does not show up as green on the lips, but just as some nice shimmer.

So if you have any questions about these products, leave me a COMMENT! And below is the accompanying video I did for these products with the swatches! ENJOY!

TnP ~ MsSB 


GEO Magic Color Lens XCH-624 aka Super Nudy Brown

HELLO ALL! I am back again and it's not 3 months later!
Today, I want to write a LITTLE about my new Circle Lenses. I know, I know, these are NOT from the doctor! But I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 17 years old and I know how to care for them and all what NOT to do.

So I purchased my lenses from YesStyle.com which is an Asian based company. The lenses I purchased have a long catalog name of GEO Magic Color Lens XCH-624 or just XCH-624, but in laments terms, they can be found under Super Nudy Brown. 

More Circle Lens STATS
Lens diameter: 14.8mm
Base curve radius: 8.4mm-8.6mm
Center Thickness: 0.04mm - 0.13mm
Water Content: 38% - 42%

These are the lenses after I took them out of their glass vials and placed in the contact lens case (with FRESH clean solution) that was given free with the contacts in the package from YesStyle. Shipping was SUPER fast considering it came ALL the way from Asia and got to me in 6 days =]
I purchased these lenses for my Radical Edward cosplay because they made my eyes BIGGER and I was hoping REALLY golden, but they are NOT as bright as I hope they would be in real life. They are still nice lenses though.

So here are some pictures of what the lenses look like in different light settings

My regular eye compared to the lens size in NATURAL LIGHT

NATURAL LIGHT close up of Super Nudy Brown




It did take til the THIRD time putting these contacts in that BOTH eyes became comfortable in wearing them and NOW, I can just pop them in and they feel like my regular contacts and they actually DON'T dry out as fast as my ACTUAL PRESCRIPTION ones, but that's just my eyes. 

I do NOT wear these contacts for no more than EIGHT hours, that's just a rule that I use that works best for me.

All in all, I LOVE my lenses! It states that they can be used up to a year after opening.....
YEAH, I don't think they will last that long. Like I stated before up top, I got these lenses for my cosplay and most likely after the convention, they may be finding themselves tossed down the PORCELAIN ride!
But anyway, if you have any questions, leave them down below and I also made a video on my lenses and you can see how I opened the vial. There's SKILL involved!

Thanks for reading everybody!!!!

TnP ~ MsSB 


Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara

HELLO again! This post is going to be about Rimmel's New, but not really new ScandalEyes Mascara. 
It's pretty much a new type of the previous ScandalEyes mascara except this time, it has LYCRA FLEX!
And apparently the Lycra keeps the lashes flexible and not all stiff.
It's a volumizing mascara that is SUPPOSED to NOT clump on the lashes, but I beg to differ.
But we will get into that LATER!

The packaging is JUST as bulky as the ScandalEyes regular mascara and with a large opening to support the ENORMOUS wand. OMG! For me, it is the BIGGEST wand that I have ever used in my mascara using life!

For someone like me, it is a bit awkward to maneuver the wand around my lashes, that's why I mainly just use it on my top lashes. It does get a little messy, with product gathering on the lid itself.

My bare lashes =]

My lashes with TWO coats of the mascara =]

BOTTOM LINE: I really like this mascara, don't love it, but I REALLY like it. It gives me my volume, it doesn't smudge, but it DOES get clumpy after a second coat and even a little before >< , so BE careful!
My lashes are already curly, so I can't speak on its ability to hold a curl.
All in all, I think this is a GOOD mascara to try for people who want volume. I say, just BEWARE product on the lid and some clumping. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading! =]

TnP ~ MsSB 

China Glaze On Safari Fall 2012 Collection

HELLO everyone! LONG time no blog! My only excuse is LAZINESS!
Anyway, this post is about China Glaze's On Safari Collection for this fall.
There are 12 colors in total, a good mix of glitter and creme finishes, but I only purchased 5 of them because I thought they would look the best against my skintone =]

The 5 colors I purchased are Exotic Encounters, Adventure Red-y, Jungle Queen, Purr-fect Plum, & Prey Tell.

This first color is Exotic Encounters which is a creme deep teal color. On my skin, it seems to come off more BLUE. Also, BEWARE this color STAINS the nail after removal >.<

Adventure Red-y is EXACTLY what it looks like! It's a WONDERFUL bold, red creme polish!

Purr-fect Plum comes off more BERRY against my skin, but it is BY FAR my FAVORITE color that I purchased.  I love it because it dark enough for fall, but not so much to make my hands look older...if that makes sense :/

Jungle Queen is a smokey gray purple color. It reminds me of Hunger Game's Foie Gras, but Foie Gras is more GRAY than Jungle Queen =]

Prey Tell is going to look INTERESTING on the nail, I think. In the bottle is looks dark reddish purple, but on my nail wheel, it comes off more RED. 

PURR-FECT PLUM on my nails =]

EXOTIC ENCOUNTER on my nails, but NOT the ring finger.

Here's the video I made on these colors! =]

Thanks for reading!

TnP ~ MsSB 


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Honey, Smitten, & Crush

Hey everyone! As you can see this post is about the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains! This name is ridiculous! Anyway there are three colors I am going to write about, Honey, Smitten, and Crush.

First, let's go over the packaging. This product comes in a colorful plastic tube indicating (KINDA) the color of the product inside. It has a twist knob at one end in which you can increase the amount of product out of the tube. You do NOT sharpen this product, just TWIST it up for more.

OK, now for the actual product. There is a SLIGHT minty smell within the product. Not incredibly strong, but it is noticeable and does not last long after application. For Smitten and Crush, the color of their packaging is a decent indication of the color within, but not for Honey.
Honey's packaging is a light pink, but the product is a nice muted purplish-pink, a great nude on my lips. MY FAVORTE! 
Smitten comes in a medium toned purple tube and the color is a reddish purple against my skin tone. 
Lastly, is Crush which is a deep berry purple and yet I still think is nice to wear during the day. 
I love all of these colors. When first applied, it can be a little glossy. After the color sets in your lips, that color is there to stay and if you wear all day and reapply, it takes a minute to remove.
As for the BALM aspect of this product. I did not find them INCREDIBLY moisturizing. They were OK, but I always apply my EOS lipbalm on my lips before adding ANY other lip product. 

All and all, I LOVE these things. They are so cute, and fun to use! I would recommend them to anyone!
I hope you found this post helpful! 

Any comments you can post down below!

TnP ~ MsSB 


Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes - Coral Reef & Pinched

Hey everyone! This post is going to be about the Revlon Photoready Cream blushes. There are 3 colors in total and I have two that I am going to share with you. Those colors are Coral Reef and Pinched.

First lets go over the packing! It comes in a box which I have not shown here and the box has a cut out circle to show the specific color of the blush. The packaging itself is a small circular pan with a black plastic cap with a clear plastic bottom where the product is held. Simply twist off and enjoy =]

Both of these colors are definitely in the corally peach family. First I will start with Coral Reef a VERY bold, BRIGHT orange coral, perfect for summer. Even though it is VERY bright in the pan, on my darker skin tone, it takes a few swipes to build up the color to something visible. SO the color in the pan is not necessarily the color that is transferred to the skin...at least in my case. If you on the opposite end of the skin tone spectrum, EASY on the application! You may look like carrot cheeks!
Second is Pinched a light, muted peachy color. This color BARELY shows up on my skin. It does after a COUPLE of applications and blending. And when color IS visible, it looks more of a HIGHLIGHT than a blush, SO I think this is a blush for those on the other end of the skin tone spectrum. Well, at least I have a new peachy highlighter color, I guess.

Both of these colors are VERY creamy, and EASILY blended into the skin. I did not experience any breakouts on my face (thanks Revlon!) and even though Pinched faded away during the day, Coral Reef stayed true to color even in 98 degree Georgia weather on my oily skin O.o.

So in my opinion, if you can get your hands on one of these, DO! It's a great product from Revlon to try out whether you have oily skin or not. They stay and give good pigmentation when or if you need to build them up!

Soon, I hope to film a up close comparison video on these blushes which I will link HERE when I do!

Thanks for stopping by for a lil reading time!!!

TnP ~ MsSB