Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Scene On the Runway

'ELLO READERS! So it's time again for a new blog post! Today, it's all about Maybelline's Limited Edition (LE) Scene On the Runway for this fall =]
This collection is definitely the talk of all the beauty blogs and Youtube and I am excited to have gotten to purchase some of the products for myself! The only thing that I am sad about is that I STILL haven't seen the new Color Tattoos in ANY of the stores near me. Hopefully, they will be in eventually and I can do a blog post/video about them as well.
This post is just going to be pictures of the products. If you want swatches, you can watch the video I did which I will post below!

Cozy Cashmere
 So the first product is an Eyestudio Quad in Cozy Cashmere. It contains 2 shimmery colors and two matte colors. The two matte colors are AWESOME neutrals, one in a burnt orange and the last one is a medium-tone brown. The shimmery colors are a bright VERY shimmery, pale gold and a DEEP brown with gold particles. That medium-tone looking gold color is actually another brown in DISGUISE! Just so you know!  
Olive Martini
 Olive Martini is SO GORGEOUS! Definitely my favorite of my purchases! This quad contains a pale vanilla with shimmer, a light green with shimmer, a multi-dimension color with shimmer of brown, green, and gold =], and the last color is a deep shimmery sienna color!
LOVE LOVE LOVE! All the colors in the quads are VERY pigmented in Olive Martini AND Cozy Cashmere! I would definitely try and buy at least ONE of these amazing quads!
Touch of Light: Luminizing Face Glow
 Ok, next is the new Luminizing Face Glow which I am slowly but surely FALLING in love with! If you like glowly skin, you will LOVE this product! It gives a WONDERFUL golden glow to the skin! And it DOES not take a lot of product for it to show up on the skin! I love that because as a WOC some products just REFUSE to show up on us =[ but NOT this product!

Left to Right: Strike A Rose, Brown to Earth, In Style Sienna
Ok, lastly, are the three lipsticks I purchased! I got Strike a Rose, Brown to Earth, and In Style Sienna. Ok, first thing is that ALL of these colors are FROSTY shimmery finishes! If you HATE the FROST do NOT get these! For me, I normally do not like frosty, but if the COLOR sells me, then I will wear it =]
Strike A Rose is a light, but not BRIGHT frosty rose color. Brown to Earth is a frosty NUDE brown. It is a PERFECT nude for me if you IGNORE the frost, and In Style Sienna is a DEEP sienna brown with GREEN  shimmery in it O.o. Yes, I was GREEN shimmer which I think is SO awesome. It does not show up as green on the lips, but just as some nice shimmer.

So if you have any questions about these products, leave me a COMMENT! And below is the accompanying video I did for these products with the swatches! ENJOY!

TnP ~ MsSB 

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