Macadamia Oil CRAZY!!

So I am starting to fall in love with this stuff!

So I went to Walgreens in the search for a new deep conditioner, and I think I found it!
This is going to be a first impressions kind of review. In a few more weeks, I will give a better in depth review.

Ok, first thing's first, I purchased the Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask and the Hydrating Macadamia Oil Dry Styling Oil from the Organix hair care line.

They are sulfate free and cruelty free, if that tickles your fancy!

The moisture mask is a pale yellow creme, that's not very thick, but not watery either. It's thicker that a VO5 Conditioner but thinner than Herbal Essences, if that helps at all. It has a nice, not STRONG scent to it, kinda fruity.

I parted my hair in 4 sections and applied this product to my roots down to my ends as stated in the directions. You can leave this product on for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, which I did, no heat applied either. My hair got softer after applying. After rinsing, it was not as soft, but as it dried, the softness starting coming back, which was pretty cool!

After letting my hair dry to being damp, I added the Dry Styling Oil.....this stuff....smells SOOO amazingly yummy! I was in my bathroom, just smelling it! And it makes the hair oh, so incredible soft!!! And after I let it sit, I started with my detangling and I am nearly 5 months post, and I finished in record time! As an added bonus, my hair was nearly detangled! Of course, I detangled my hair before washing, but this stuff helped with the post detangling SO MUCH! I have added a picture of all the hairs that were removed after I detangled...amazing!

After just one use, I am sold! I will try these products out for a while longer, but I come out and recommend them though!

Thanks always for reading and hope you found this entertaining and helpful!

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Week 13 Update: 2/19 to 2/24

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Salma Hayek's Nuance Cosmetics

For my little Nuance Haul, I am going to write about the cosmetics that I bought to try out.

I bought the Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation in Medium Deep 235 ($13.99). For a "foundation", it was VERY sheer. It didn't cover anything on me! Not the pimples, NONE of my acne scars, NADA! One thing I will say for it, it does a pretty good job setting liquid foundation and mattifying the skin. It does not last that long on the skin. I would say at about 2 or 3 hours, I couldn't see the powder at all anymore.
It was nice packaging, but it came with no sponge. It's funny because the instructions suggests using a sponge for a heavier coverage, which I did try out. Using a sponge does give a better coverage, but not that much....so yeah.

The second item is the Natural Look Brow liner in Brown 90 ($8.99). It is a retractable brow pencil, which I was SO excited about, it was shameful. I have only used one brow pencil my whole makeup life, which is by Revlon, and it is nearly gone, so I bought this one. I love that it is retractable and has the brow brush on the other end to help blend the pencil. What I didn't really like is that the actually brow pencil is SOOO small! It takes me twice as long to fill in my brows, so that was my main gripe. I wish the brow pencil was maybe the size of a pencil. I mean, my eyeliner retractable is not even that small. ><

I purchased one of the Color Vibrance Lipstick in My Favorite 145. It looks like a nice rosey color in this swatch, but on my lips, I find it more of a browny-rose color, which it very nice actually. I loved the color of this lipstick, but it does not last long on the lips. I usually have to put on a lipliner underneath to make this lipstick last past 2 hours. And I think for the amount I paid ($9.99), they do not give a lot of lipstick in the tube. A nice lipstick, but for the amount of time it lasts and the little amount of product, I do not think that this lipstick is worth getting.

The last thing is the Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Strawberry 120. I love this lipgloss! It's creamy and VERY nourishing on the lips. It. Stays. Put. It was a little difficult to get off my lips actually! It can be a little more sticky than I am used to, but it is true to color which is nice. It even tastes yummy. It is pricey around $7 but I think this is actually worth looking into.

Thanks always for reading!

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Nail Color of the Week: ESSIE & China Glaze

The shimmery gray polish (Pointer and ring fingers) is Mochacino by ESSIE. I have a base coat on the rest of my fingers of pale, yet bright pink Sweet Hook by China Glaze with Lightening Bolt white crackle polish on top.
I love the look of pastels on my nails! Perfect for spring! And I just wanted a neutral feel with the shimmery gray polish.

Thanks for stopping by!

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