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For my little Nuance Haul, I am going to write about the cosmetics that I bought to try out.

I bought the Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation in Medium Deep 235 ($13.99). For a "foundation", it was VERY sheer. It didn't cover anything on me! Not the pimples, NONE of my acne scars, NADA! One thing I will say for it, it does a pretty good job setting liquid foundation and mattifying the skin. It does not last that long on the skin. I would say at about 2 or 3 hours, I couldn't see the powder at all anymore.
It was nice packaging, but it came with no sponge. It's funny because the instructions suggests using a sponge for a heavier coverage, which I did try out. Using a sponge does give a better coverage, but not that much....so yeah.

The second item is the Natural Look Brow liner in Brown 90 ($8.99). It is a retractable brow pencil, which I was SO excited about, it was shameful. I have only used one brow pencil my whole makeup life, which is by Revlon, and it is nearly gone, so I bought this one. I love that it is retractable and has the brow brush on the other end to help blend the pencil. What I didn't really like is that the actually brow pencil is SOOO small! It takes me twice as long to fill in my brows, so that was my main gripe. I wish the brow pencil was maybe the size of a pencil. I mean, my eyeliner retractable is not even that small. ><

I purchased one of the Color Vibrance Lipstick in My Favorite 145. It looks like a nice rosey color in this swatch, but on my lips, I find it more of a browny-rose color, which it very nice actually. I loved the color of this lipstick, but it does not last long on the lips. I usually have to put on a lipliner underneath to make this lipstick last past 2 hours. And I think for the amount I paid ($9.99), they do not give a lot of lipstick in the tube. A nice lipstick, but for the amount of time it lasts and the little amount of product, I do not think that this lipstick is worth getting.

The last thing is the Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Strawberry 120. I love this lipgloss! It's creamy and VERY nourishing on the lips. It. Stays. Put. It was a little difficult to get off my lips actually! It can be a little more sticky than I am used to, but it is true to color which is nice. It even tastes yummy. It is pricey around $7 but I think this is actually worth looking into.

Thanks always for reading!

TnP ~ MsSB

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