Nail Color of the Week: Ladylike - ESSIE & Black Crackle- China Glaze

Hope you like my girly, edgy look for my nails!!!

TnP ~ MsSB


Grace - Psalm 145:8

Happy new week everyone!
I wanted to come at you all with a new scripture for the week.
It comes to us from the Old Testament book of Psalms, chapter 145, verse 8.
It states:
The Lord is merciful, compassionate, patient, and always ready to forgive

Hope this helps you all out this week!
If you want to want the video for this scripture, click here

Thanks for reading =)

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Nail Color of the Week: Buy Me a Cameo - ESSIE

I love ESSIE nail colors! This is the one that I am rocking for the week =)
It is Buy Me A Cameo which is a frosted pearly pink on my nails.


Confused? Weak? Isaiah 40:29

My weekly scripture for the week. It comes from the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Enjoy!
Don't worry when you have God on your side. You don't have to wonder or guess if He's there, He is and always will be.

29 He gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak.

For this scripture video on my YT channel, click here =)

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NEW! Revlon Colorstay Products: Colorstay & Photoready

Hey everyone! So I got a bonus card from work and after gas expenses, I wanted to buy some makeup! Revlon has come out with new Colorstay and Photoready products and I wanted to try them out. I purchased the new Colorstay 16hour Eyeshadow in Siren, the Colorstay Creme Gel Liner in black, and the Photoready 3D Volume mascara.

First I will talk about the 3D Volume mascara. I got this in the hopes of thickening my lashes. I was disappointed in the product. It wasn’t the worst mascara that I have tried, but it definitely did not give me the volume that I was expecting, even after two coats. It clumped a little after the second coat, so I was afraid to apply a third. It provided a natural thickness to sum it up.

The gel liner was a much better product. It’s SUPER creamy and easy to apply with the brush provided. The only other type of gel liner that I have tried is the one from L’Oreal and compared to that I like the Revlon liner better. With L’Oreal I felt that I had to work with it more to get it from the brush to my lids, I do not get that with the Revlon gel liner. I will say that the L’Oreal gel liner is a darker black than Revlon. This liner lasts! It lasts ALL day! The first time I used it, I wore it for about 11 hours and it did not fade at all. I did use a primer beforehand just because my lids are VERY oily. I REALLY like this product!

Last thing that I got for my little taste of the line, is an Colorstay eyeshadow quad of the "16hr" in 525 Siren. Siren is a oceanic-type color scheme which I love because I have been reading a book about the ocean, magical creatures...etc.
In the quad there is a pale blue (ocean), a lavender color with white glitter pieces (makes me think of sea stones or siren jewelry), a silvery taupe (sea foam/bubbles), and a matte black (danger, mysterious deep ocean). (All in my parenthesis are my random thoughts of interpreting the colors in rereference to Sirens/ocean =P )
I have to say, I really like this quad, but I love Revlon eyeshadow in general. I do like how it's a little hard to collect color on my brush, it's like the color is hard packed into the packaging. The colors are not chalky (to me) and easy to blend. I would just say beware of the glitter particles because they kinda went everywhere and I didn't expect them to be so noticeable.

Final thoughts: Loved everything except the mascara....could have done without it
Click here for the video review!

TnP ~ MsSB

Week 6 Update: 1/1 to 1/7

See any improvement? I have definitely seen some brightening effects in my skin especially in the mornings. My dark spots have diminished in my eyes =)
What do you all think?

TnP ~ MsSB



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As I Am

So I guess I'm going full swing into trying to be natural....kinda LOL
So Sally's Beauty Supply is having this month a buy two, get one free special for As I Am Hair Products. I also had my monthly 15% off coupon and I went out and got these.
I know these products are not the most natural products out there, but for me that did have some pretty decent ingredients in them for me to try them out.
I needed a new moisturizing line anyway for the new year :)
I purchased the Cleansing Pudding, Coconut Cowash Conditioner and the Leave-In Conditioner.
I will post a video on these produces as soon as I use them and leave the link here.Link

Thanks for reading!

TnP ~ MsSB



New Year's Resolution: Skies the Limit

Happy New Year Evryone!
I hope it was fun, safe, and blessed for evryone!

As you can tell by the title, this message will about a little of my resolutions for the new year.
For me, I am going to focus more on my hair. I know that I am on a hair journey, but the last couple of months, I have been slacking on my weekly routine and my hair has definitely suffered.
I really need to do this because......I may be trying to transition to natural in the near future O.o
Also, I am going to read my Bible more. I know I put up my scripture videos, which I love doing, but I still do not read my Bible as much and because of work and school, I do not devote as much time in going to church either. I feel like the worst example of a Christian.
I need to exercise more restraint in my spending :/ I am a terrible impulse spender..I don't put my bank account into the negatives or anything, but it's still pretty bad to say the least

So those are my new year resolutions, better relationship with God, better haircare, and less spending!
Besides that I am focused on having a "skies the limit" attitude for this year. With God on my side, nothing is impossible :)