Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara

HELLO again! This post is going to be about Rimmel's New, but not really new ScandalEyes Mascara. 
It's pretty much a new type of the previous ScandalEyes mascara except this time, it has LYCRA FLEX!
And apparently the Lycra keeps the lashes flexible and not all stiff.
It's a volumizing mascara that is SUPPOSED to NOT clump on the lashes, but I beg to differ.
But we will get into that LATER!

The packaging is JUST as bulky as the ScandalEyes regular mascara and with a large opening to support the ENORMOUS wand. OMG! For me, it is the BIGGEST wand that I have ever used in my mascara using life!

For someone like me, it is a bit awkward to maneuver the wand around my lashes, that's why I mainly just use it on my top lashes. It does get a little messy, with product gathering on the lid itself.

My bare lashes =]

My lashes with TWO coats of the mascara =]

BOTTOM LINE: I really like this mascara, don't love it, but I REALLY like it. It gives me my volume, it doesn't smudge, but it DOES get clumpy after a second coat and even a little before >< , so BE careful!
My lashes are already curly, so I can't speak on its ability to hold a curl.
All in all, I think this is a GOOD mascara to try for people who want volume. I say, just BEWARE product on the lid and some clumping. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading! =]

TnP ~ MsSB 

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