Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes - Coral Reef & Pinched

Hey everyone! This post is going to be about the Revlon Photoready Cream blushes. There are 3 colors in total and I have two that I am going to share with you. Those colors are Coral Reef and Pinched.

First lets go over the packing! It comes in a box which I have not shown here and the box has a cut out circle to show the specific color of the blush. The packaging itself is a small circular pan with a black plastic cap with a clear plastic bottom where the product is held. Simply twist off and enjoy =]

Both of these colors are definitely in the corally peach family. First I will start with Coral Reef a VERY bold, BRIGHT orange coral, perfect for summer. Even though it is VERY bright in the pan, on my darker skin tone, it takes a few swipes to build up the color to something visible. SO the color in the pan is not necessarily the color that is transferred to the skin...at least in my case. If you on the opposite end of the skin tone spectrum, EASY on the application! You may look like carrot cheeks!
Second is Pinched a light, muted peachy color. This color BARELY shows up on my skin. It does after a COUPLE of applications and blending. And when color IS visible, it looks more of a HIGHLIGHT than a blush, SO I think this is a blush for those on the other end of the skin tone spectrum. Well, at least I have a new peachy highlighter color, I guess.

Both of these colors are VERY creamy, and EASILY blended into the skin. I did not experience any breakouts on my face (thanks Revlon!) and even though Pinched faded away during the day, Coral Reef stayed true to color even in 98 degree Georgia weather on my oily skin O.o.

So in my opinion, if you can get your hands on one of these, DO! It's a great product from Revlon to try out whether you have oily skin or not. They stay and give good pigmentation when or if you need to build them up!

Soon, I hope to film a up close comparison video on these blushes which I will link HERE when I do!

Thanks for stopping by for a lil reading time!!!

TnP ~ MsSB 

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