Nuance Perfect Lips Lip Quad: COOL

So in this blog post, I will talk about the Cool version of the Nuance Perfect Lips Quad. This can be found in participating CVS stores. I had to look around before I found a CVS near me that sold Nuance cosmetics. Most will sell the skin and haircare but not the cosmetics :/

Anyway, just like the Warm quad, Cool comes with four colors for $9.99 retail price. The colors are Merlot, Pink Berry, Sheer Ice, and Rose Shimmer.

Merlot has to be my favorite, it looks VERY deep plum purple in the pan, and it is deep on the lips, but after being the lips, it becomes a very wearable muted plum. No shimmers what-so-ever, LOVE!
Pink Berry is a creamy pink, great for everyday and not a loud color on the lips at all, at least on my lips. This color is not shimmery or glittery at all.
Sheer Ice is, on my lips, like a nice clear gloss. I think I will put it over a lipstick I want to jazz up for the day. It has a nice shimmer to it, but not overbearing. In the sunlight it does have a SLIGHT yellow undertone to it, but fades in other lights.
Lastly, Rose Shimmer which is the lightest shimmery pink color. I think this would look nice over a pinky lipstick. I haven't tried it out, but on the swatch is has a decent amount of shimmer =]
Overall, I think I will use 3 of the 4, excluding Sheer Ice, but all the colors are pigmented and their lasting ability OMG, LOVE!
If you can, check these quads out! Four for the price of one!

Thanks for reading!
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TnP ~ MsSB

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